You're Going To Put A Smile On Somebody's Face

When you send someone a Romano Stromboli Gift Box, you're not just sending them a scrumptious Italian Original, you're sending them a bonafide taste of South Philadelphia wrapped up in a family recipe of love and flavor that rivals any comfort food you've ever known!

Send A Romano's Gift Box Is As Easy As Pepperoni!

Just click on any product and look right down near the Add To Cart Button. You'll see "Send As A Gift"

Simply click YES to send that Stromboli Pack as a gift and all the Gift information will appear. It's not magic, but it's close. The Real magic starts when your recipient opens up their gift box - just watch how that smile shows up out of nowhere. Boom! There wasn't even anything up our sleeves!

And don't forget to order Romano Strombolis for your next special occasion too!