Seriously, we don't like to brag, but we've had a few brushes with fame. It all started when President Bill Clinton's Secret Service detail stopped in and took a few Strombolis back to Air Force One. Between that, and Jerry Lewis pulling up outside in his limo, and a few more than a handful of television spots, we've gotten our fair share of press.

Press for Romano's Stromboli, Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Essington, PA

Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

Romano’s Original Stromboli was featured on the Travel Channel in a segment on Andrew Zimmern’s show, “Delicious Destinations Phialdephia”

Every traveler wants to try a crepe in Paris, gelato in Florence, Italy, or a po'boy in New Orleans. But how many really know where those dishes came from or how they are made? Andrew Zimmern digs into the not-to-be-missed legendary foods that define a location.

Romano's Stromboli was featured on The Today Show

The Today Show

Well-known Philadelphia Chef Brian Duffy featured Romano’s Stromboli in a segment on The Today Show showcasing Philadelphia Favorites: Best Eats in the City of Brotherly Love.

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